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BodyShop Empties & Recycling

Good morning and happy weekend everyone, In the interest of the environment, I wanted to share a few things about recycling of plastic, especially empty beauty products. Beauty products come in complicated packaging - pumps, tubes, pots and what nots. Not everything is recyclable at the local recycling center. Many brands are becoming conscious of this and are launching initiatives to help consumers like us recycle as much as we can. My top 2 favorites brands are Loccitane and BodyShop. Loccitane take any bath/beauty products packaging for recycling, you just need to drop it to any Loccitane store. If you purchase any full priced product, you get a 10% discount as well, which is quite good. BodyShop also take any bath/beauty products packaging for recycling as well. If the 5 empty packaging from BodyShop and you have a LYBC card you get a 5 quid voucher to spend or donate. You just have to ensure that the empties are clean as contaminated plastic can't be recycled. Recently fin
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Kiehl's Empties

Hello, Hope you are doing well. I am back with another post(after a year of being dormant) about my Kiehl's empties. I thought that this is a good opportunity to review each of them and give some feedback. There are 10 items in all and I will take them to  Kiehl's  store for recycling in store soon. I don't bin my empties, I keep them aside in a carton and recycle them whenever I can. Recycling is better for the environment and more and more brands are giving consumers incentive to be pro-recycling. 2017 was the year when I was obsessed with Kiehl's, I wanted every single product. So I ended up buying the Kiehl's advent calendar. Midnight Recovery Concentrate:  This was one of the iconic products from Kiehl's. It was my first purchase from Kiehl's and it's one thing that I absolutely lusted for ages. Some of you might remember reading about it in my initial posts. I took a sample before purchasing the bottle and I liked it. I was undecided whether


Dear Reader, Before I start off, I would like to say something. I notice that my blog is lacking interaction/feedback/comments. I would love if you left some sort of comment on every post that you read. In order to grow I would need constructive feedback. Well, it's time for monthly favorites. The Ordinay  Toner: I wanted to include AHAs in my skincare for a while. When I came across this toner I knew it was the perfect opportunity. It contains 7% Glycolic Acid which is gentle enough to be used once a day. There are some products with AHAs and BHAs which can be used only once or twice a week. This is my current night time toner and I have been using it for the last 2 months. I definitely see a difference in my skin. Since it is a liquid exfoliant, I have to take extra precaution while heading out in the sun. Wearing a sunscreen is mandatory while using AHAs/BHAs as it increases skin's sensitivity to sun. There are many similar products in the market with similar compositio


AWOL. Yes, that’s all I can say. Straight to the point, I am back with my June favorites. There are just three of them and all of these are summer related products - sunscreen, hydrating toner and a face mist. I will start with the sunscreen, the toner and end with the face mist, so let read together. Shall we? Summer essentials Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence - This is a  fairly new product from body shop and I bought last month . I have been using it for almost a month now and this is the best sunscreen I have used so far. Why it is the best? Firstly it’s a light weight moisturizer which get easily absorbed. It has UVA as well as UVB protection, SPF 50 which is perfect for summer, with antioxidants and anti-dullness properties. It’s non-comedogenic, which is always a bonus. I hear complaints from people saying that sunscreen breaks them out or it harms their skin rather than protecting it. Well, this one won’t as it won’t clog the pores. It doesn’t look greasy or p


Well well well. Look what we have here ... Canada PR post. Good evening all! Canada in fall Getting a permanent residence is very popular these days, whether it is Canada, Australia, Germany or UK. Actually there are many reasons. Firstly, when people return from on-site it’s hard to adjust to climate, environment, pollution and not to mention traffic. Secondly, the situation with the green card in US and the uncertainty around it is forcing people to move to Canada as it is welcoming people across the world to settle there - with open arms. I think that's the reason why Canada is so popular all of a sudden - more than Australia.  For some people it’s merely a choice of better living standards.  Canada in summer CN Tower, Toronto People are spending loads of money on consultancies just to know the process of getting a PR. But I think that's not absolutely necessary, you can do it on your own.  Where to start? Start by checking your eligibility on Come to Ca


Hello everyone, I have not written in ages and I guess I should explain what is going on. I have resigned from my current job and I am more occupied thinking what I will be doing in the future. This Friday, 4th May 2018 would be my last working day. I was in this organization for more than 7 years. And like some wise person said once "To move forward you have to stop being where you are". I don't know what the future holds for me but we shall see in time. Kensington garden, London. August 2016 Anyways, this post is not about my personal or professional life. This is about a brand that I got to know recently and I can not wait to try it out. The Ordinary. The Ordinary is totally different to any skincare or makeup brand that I have come across. There are lotions and potions with no fancy packaging and the price is a fraction compared to other brands - just simple skincare for less. I have picked out 5 different products that are on my list of products to try. Buf


Hello everyone, It's been a while since I wrote and things have changed somewhat since the last post. I flew back home and now I am in Bangalore, sitting on my bed and writing as I am still adjusting to the time zone difference. With autumn 🍂 here and winter right around the corner, I thought of writing a review of the BodyShop tea tree range and how it worked for me. I used to have clear glowing skin but then I had a bout of acne 😪. I am using products to help reduce pimples and scars. Taking care of skin in winter is more difficult as skin is more dry, dehydrated and flaky. While the central heating keeps us cozy, it isn't exactly good for the skin. All this leads to more breakouts during the winter and my case was no different. Just like we need separate wardrobes for summer and winter, our skincare routine/products should also be different. I started using the tea tree range from BodyShop this winter and I think it's bloody brilliant. Tea tree range from Bod