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Hello everyone,
I have not written in ages and I guess I should explain what is going on. I have resigned from my current job and I am more occupied thinking what I will be doing in the future. This Friday, 4th May 2018 would be my last working day. I was in this organization for more than 7 years. And like some wise person said once "To move forward you have to stop being where you are". I don't know what the future holds for me but we shall see in time.
Anyways, this post is not about my personal or professional life. This is about a brand that I got to know recently and I can not wait to try it out. The Ordinary. The Ordinary is totally different to any skincare or makeup brand that I have come across. There are lotions and potions with no fancy packaging and the price is a fraction compared to other brands - just simple skincare for less.

I have picked out 5 different products that are on my list of products to try.

Buffet: as you might know that serums are the most …
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Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I wrote and things have changed somewhat since the last post. I flew back home on 21st February and now I am in Bangalore, sitting on my bed and writing as I am still adjusting to the time zone difference.

Taking care of skin in winter is more difficult as skin is more dry, dehydrated and flaky. While the central heating keeps us cozy, it isn't exactly good for the skin. All this leads to more breakouts during the winter and my case was no different. Just like we need separate wardrobes for summer and winter, our skincare routine/products should also be different. I started using the tea tree range from BodyShop this winter and I think it's bloody brilliant.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash: Since I was using so many products in the range, I thought why not try the face wash as well. I like the tea tree smell and it is gentle on sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Oil: This is a product which is multi-purpose. If you are blemish prone, you cou…


Happy weekend!
I am back with a Cologne day guide. This is from our Cologne day trip on 29th December 2017.
Why Cologne? You must be thinking why Cologne out of all the places. The answer is the Cologne cathedral. It's the most visited landmark of Germany. You need at least a day to cover major attractions. Unfortunately, our bus was delayed from Brussels and we reached Cologne around noon giving us just half a day for sightseeing.

To start with the Cologne cathedral, you have to reach the Köln Hauptbahnhof which is also represented as Köln hbf in the maps or trains.
Cost for 2: 150€

Domplatte: this is nothing but the platform in front of the cathedral or rather on which the cathedral stands. I was actually looking for a monument or a building as I didn't know what domplatte meant. It can be fully appreciated though an ariel view.
Cologne Cathedral: It's the largest Gothic - pointed arch and ribbed vault church in Northern Europe. St. Peter's Basilica(Rome) is the lar…


Dear Reader,
This is the part 2 of my Rome trip. I had visited Rome for the first time in April 2016 and our second one was in January 2018. We had already decided that this trip was going to be our "mission" Vatican. We reached Rome by train in the morning as the Vatican City needs a dedicated day for itself. It's best to start with the St. Peter's Basilica and end with the Vatican Museums as the Sistine Chapel is at the end of the museum. The Last Judgement is a part of the Sistine Chapel so if you just go to the Vatican Museums, you will cover three of the main Vatican attractions.
Fun fact: Vatican city is the smallest state in the world.

How to reach here:
From Roma Termini - take a metro towards Battistini and get down at S. Pietro or take a train towards Civitavecchia and get down at Roma San Pietro. You have to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the Vatican so the metro is a better option.

St. Peter's Basilica: It is the largest church in the world. It&#…


Ciao amico,
This a truly special post for 2 reasons. Firstly, this is the 50th post on my blog. Secondly, Amalfi Coast is the only place that I haven't been to but I am writing about it.

How to reach Amalfi Coast:

From Naples, it takes 100 Euros by cab. Public transport is a lot cheaper in comparison.

Option 1:
From Naples Airport - take SITA airporter bus to SALERNO Piazza della Concordia. There are no buses from air-porter service on Sunday for Salerno. Walk for 10 minute to Salerno train station. Take the SITA bus to Minori which has the final destination is Amalfi.
Cost - 3.60 Euros
Travel time - 60 minutes.
Ticket can be bought at the newsstand.

Option 2:
From Naples Garibaldi Piazza station (Napoli centrale) -
Take a Trenitalia train to Salerno.
Cost - 3 Euros
Travel time - 40 minutes.
Take the SITA bus to Minori as mentioned above in option 1.

Places to visit

Arienzo Beach: This is the best beach of Positano. You could rent a chair and an umbrella for a day for 7.5 Euros.



Happy New Year!

Holiday update: I took some time off in December as you might remember from my last post. I just did the basics - eat, sleep, travel - repeat. Also, I got a haircut to change my look in the new year. The places that I covered in the 3 weeks were - Cologne, Germany. Malta. Naples, Capri, Rome/Vatican City, Italy. So in the coming weeks you will be seeing posts for all these places. I hope you like them.
Why Naples? Firstly, Italy is a beautiful country. I can't name enough places in Italy that I want to go to. But I had to start somewhere, I have already been to Rome and Milan in 2016. This time I wanted to cover the southern Italy. Well, if you go to Naples, you can cover a lot of places - Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi coast, Capri, of course Naples. The connectivity to all the places is good, by bus, train or ferry. We were in Naples for only 2 days but you can easily spend up to 5 days there. I had to pick 2 out of all the things from the to-do list. We went to Pomp…


With only a week left for Christmas, I can feel the excitement rising. Everyone is looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. What are the things that you are doing to keep up the excitement level until the Christmas? Are you guys opening any advent calendars everyday? I have been going on frequent fun trips to the Christmas market. There are so many Christmas markets in Belgium - Brussels, Hasselt, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Leuven. But my favorite is the one in Brussels - Winter Wonders. The Christmas markets will be there until the 1st of January 2018. So, get ready and head out the door. While you are there, I recommend trying the hot/mulled wine. You will not regret it. Actually, you could prepare it at home as well. I have provided the recipe at the bottom of the post.
Let's talk more about the Winter Wonders.
Location: Grand Place, Place de la Monnaie, Saint-Catherine and Bourse.

Timings: Sunday-Saturday, 12:00-22:00

Things you shouldn't miss are:
Christmas tree at th…


Ho ho ho.
With just two weeks to go for Christmas, we are all hunting for the perfect gift for friends and family. I even ordered a few things to gift myself this Christmas. Then I thought I would put together a gift guide for him and her. I am not sure if gifts for him are going to be appropriate so please feel free to comment on the post with the perfect gifts in your opinion. Let's get started.

MAC lipstick: You can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick! They have hundreds of shades in so many different types of finishes that there is something for everyone. I personally prefer Satin finish as they are hydrating with slight sheen. A red lipstick is the perfect Christmas gift. MAC does lipsticks palette as well which cost less compared to individual lipsticks.

Perfumes: They are too many luxury perfumes to choose from. There have been many perfume releases this year and some of my favorites are
Because it's you by Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Prive
Black Opium by YSL


Hello everyone,
This is a slightly unusual topic than the ones I have written so far in the last eight months. This post is about preparing for IELTS and getting the best score that you can. IELTS is nothing but International English Language Testing System. I took IELTS twice, once in 2016 and once in September this year. I took a second attempt to improve my scores and the credit for that fully goes to my spouse. He believed that I could do better.

Basics first,
There are two types of exams - General training(I appeared for this one) and Academic. Academic is basically for people who are pursing higher education in an English speaking country. Whereas General training is for people who want to go for training programs or immigrate to an English speaking country. There is a difference in Reading and Writing test between the 2 modules. However, the fee is same for both the modules. Identify the objective and then decide which exam is suitable for you.
The IELTS exam slots are usually…


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But what do the Romans do?

I was in Rome for only a day that meant that I could pick one place that I wanted to visit and the Colosseum was the obvious choice. If you don't have much time in Italy, you could plan for Rome and the Vatican together. One day is sufficient to cover the Vatican city. Rome and Vatican travel cards are available in 2 options- 1 day and 3 days, so depending on how long you have you can decide on the kind of day card you want. For day trips, you could drop your luggage at any cloak room and pick it up later in the evening or when it's convenient for you.

How to get there: Piazza Del Colosseo station on the 3 and 8 tram line or line B of the underground metro. Details on metro ticket and metro map can be found here.
Buying tickets: When we got to the Colosseum, there was a really long line for the ticket as well as for the entry. I would advise to book the tickets online in advance so that your visit will be easy. We …